A few notes about play style

The goal of this campaign is to have fun collaboratively telling a story. To that end, you’ll be encouraged to describe your attacks and skill checks, and let your character react to the situation at hand.

While we will be playing 3.5e, I’m going to borrow (adapt) one convention from 4e that makes actions in combat much simpler (to me, anyway). Each round of combat, you have three actions:

  • standard action (e.g., attack)
  • move action
  • minor (swift) action

These actions can be taken in any order, and you can trade each of these down (for example, trade a standard action for a second move action, or a move for a second minor action). Making a “full-round” action takes up all three slots.

Note that minor actions can be used to make skill checks, including knowledge or spot checks to gain information about an opponent.

Since you’re all creative people, you’ll have a certain amount of freedom in plot details and decisions. For example, I might ask you what the forest looks like at night, or how an NPC reacts to your insinuation that his fine elven wine is subpar.

A few notes about play style

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